City Career Fairs Commitment to Candidates

We will feature your City and America’s leading employers who are currently hiring and typically represent hundreds of immediate career and job openings.  We will always present and host our Annual Diversity Employment Day Career Fairs in a professional environment and venue.

We will always strive to provide you with employment professionals, career information, educational opportunities, career networking, and a sense of hope and direction for a positive and better tomorrow. You must - In order to maximize upon your face-to-face interview opportunity with the employers,


  1. Present a Positive – and Can-DO attitude.
  2. Dress in Business Attire,
  3. Bring plenty of resumes,
  4. Preview the Employers recruiting and their careers and jobs being sought. Most will be on our City Page for your City with a link to their website from their logo. Visit the employers Career or Employment Section on their corporate website.
  5. Have a: 30 second presentation which includes, Positive work history, qualifications, career and / or job position you are interested,  and Why the employer should hire YOU,
  6. And when Thanking the employer, ask for their business card and/or note their name, title and work location for a Thank –You follow up after the career fair, and most importantly and easiest
  7. Keep a smile upon your face because – remember – no one wants to hire someone who looks like they might go Postal


We will educate and in some cases remind employers how important it is to create and maintain a diverse workforce that represents the communities they serve.  We will inform employers of the many highly qualified and motivated candidates that also poses an excellent work ethic.

 We will seek to recognize and honor those who have supported and promoted diversity in an outstanding way within and beyond the community.

We will stress to everyone that our strength as Americans is greatly enhanced by out differences of diversity. Accordingly, inclusion helps to bond the new faces of diversity which now also include: Multicultural, Veterans, ADA, Women, GLBT, and Seniors.

We will provide you with services, contacts and resources that will empower and support your continuing efforts to seek and obtain viable and rewarding employment beyond Diversity Employment Day.  CCF Career and Jobs Board, Resource Page, Employment Opportunities Newsletter, and Career Fair Notifications.

You must: Stay true to your course, change the impossible to I’m Possible and Never ever give up on your dreams!

City Career Fair 2015